Treating diabetes with remedies and natural solutions.

Treating diabetes with remedies and natural solutions.

Diabetes mellitus (DM) type 2

Today we are going to talk about Diabetes Mellitus type 2, since it represents between 90 to 95% of diabetes, that does not mean that in future articles we could also talk about type 1 diabetes and gestational diabetes.

Diabetes is a group of metabolic disorders, characterized by the presence of concentrations above the normal level of glucose in the blood, persistently or chronically, this causes an insulin resistance and as the disease progresses, the pancreas can produce less insulin and cause the collapse of beta cells (see about beta cells in this link):

Diabetes or metabolic syndrome occurs mainly in people over 40 years of age, most of whom suffer from abdominal obesity and insulin resistance. Although there are more and more diabetic adolescents and children because of junk food and physical inactivity.

Diabetes is usually accompanied by high blood pressure, dyslipidemia (alteration in lipid metabolism), vascular endothelial dysfunction (causing the dreaded atherosclerosis).

Already the Egyptians around 1500 A.C. They watched people who urinated a lot and lost weight. In the papyrus of Ebers (see on this papyrus in:

discovered in Egypt describes the symptoms and the treatment that was provided to them.


It was Areteo of Cappadocia, Greek doctor, who, between the 80s and 138, gave this condition the name of diabetes, which means in Greek exaggerated elimination of water.


In the second century Galen also referred to diabetes, referring to its two main symptoms: polyuria (say excessive urine and polydipsia (abnormal increase in thirst).


Indians, Chinese and Japanese also recognize diabetics and highlighted the sweetness of their urine that attracted dogs.


The Arabs already argued the fatal outcomes of diabetes in the development of gangrene and in the collapse of sexual function.


In the year 1675, Thomas Willis, an English doctor at Guy’s Hospital in London, was the one who, referring to the sweet taste of urine, gave it the name of diabetes mellitus (honey flavor).


Medical observations continued for several years and in 1788, Thomas Cawley, observed calculations and signs of damage to the pancreas during a necropsy performed on a diabetic published in the “London Medical Journal”.


In 1900, Eugene Opie, American pathologist, observed the relationship between diabetes and the destruction of pancreatic islets discovered in 1869 by Paul Langerhans.


In 1959, Sterne confirms that metformin lowers blood sugar.


In the year 2000 it was estimated that around 171 million people in the world were diabetic and that they will reach 370 million in 2030. This condition causes various complications and frequently damages the eyes, kidneys, nerves and blood vessels. Its acute complications (hypoglycaemia, ketoacidosis, are a consequence of inadequate control of the disease while its chronic complications (cardiovascular, nephropathies, retinopathies, neuropathies and microvascular damages) are a consequence of the progress of the disease.


And all this, as described above, happens because glucose enters your bloodstream and your body does not produce enough insulin to convert it into energy, or the cells in your body do not respond well to insulin, so glucose stays circulating through the blood instead of reaching the cells and become energy, causing the following complications.


Chronic complications of diabetes mellitus.


  1. Damage to small blood vessels, called angiopathy that can be fatal in chronic diabetes by damage to veins, arteries and blood vessels.


  1. Damage to the peripheral nerves, blood that stops carrying oxygen, and the cells die.


  1. Diabetic foot: hardly curable injuries and eventually leads to the amputation of the lower extremities.


  1. Damage to the retina and loss of vision.


  1. Renal damage. May cause terminal chronic renal failure


  1. Fatty Liver or Fatty Liver Hepatitis.


  1. Damage to large blood vessels in large arteries. This disease leads to heart attacks, strokes and disorders of blood circulation in the legs


  1. Cerebrovascular damage.


  1. Heart disease: Because the high level of glucose attacks the heart causing damage and coronary heart disease.


  1. Diabetic Coma: Its first causes are advanced diabetes, hyperglycemia and overweight.


  1. Diabetic dermopathy … the list of damages would be immense.




1.- Blurred vision could be a symptom that you have diabetes.


2, – Wounds or ulcers that do not heal.


3.- Fatigue and the sensation of physical weakness.


4.- Loss of weight outside the usual.


5.- Increase in thirst significantly.


6.- Urinate frequently and abundantly.


7- Tingling and numbness in the hands and feet.


8- Fatigue and weight loss without an apparent reason.




Natural ways to fight diabetes



For now, we offer these natural products that you can consume safely and without side effects and some of them you can buy right now and on this website and start eliminating diabetes in your life as soon as possible.


You must change your metabolism, instead of working with glucose as energy, you would have to start producing energy with your fatty acids, that means moving to a ketogenic diet.


In future articles we will talk about this millenarian diet, the oldest diet and used by humans … to enter into “Cetogenesis”.


We will continue to report on diabetes and its consequences and how we can change our metabolism, stop consuming simple carbohydrates, stop consuming sugars. We will offer correct and complex diets to fight against a disease that is enriching certain sectors and certain people and killing and impoverishing millions of people in the world.


Only in the United States we already walk for the 30 million diabetics and the 85 million pre-diabetic people.


We will continue talking about another day of diabetes in this natural medicine sales website. A member of this team has reversed diabetes, but has suffered. He decided a good day, when they told him that his blood glucose was 400mg / dl and that this was why he defined him as a diabetic … and he should start a diet plan and medication for life … but … he said No ! …


Today their glucose values ​​do not exceed 100mg / dl, simply change their metabolism, change their way of eating, no simple carbohydrates, no burgers poisoned with chemicals and antibiotics that treat older animals, no sugar and refined flours.


It is therefore about eating the diet of our ancestors, several generations ago, when agriculture still did not have the plow and the machinery, because that is our true diet, our centuries-old diet.


That person who has reversed diabetes and member of our team has been among the pioneers in manifesting the desire to bring natural remedies to human beings, because those killed by diabetes number millions and neither the states nor the pharmaceutical companies nor the industries important do nothing to stop the slaughter suffered by human beings, because those who benefit from the expenses of these patients in palliative medicines, every day are richer and will continue to try to alleviate the disease but not cure it because it would stop being the Big Business.


Casovital’s human team.

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