The truth about Diabetes.

The truth about Diabetes.

Diabetes also affects youth with figures higher than more than 200 thousand young Americans under 20 years with diagnosed diabetes and not to mention the complications of diabetes that lead us to humans to heart disease, heart attacks, accidents cerebro-vascular and hypertension to spectacular figures such as those offered by the American Diabetic Association where in its information sheet published on June 10, 2014 reported that 71% of diabetics over 18 are hypertensive or take prescription drugs to decrease Blood pressure

Diabetics also have high rates of blindness and visual problems, high cholesterol, kidney disease to the point that every year nearly a quarter of a million diabetics need dialysis to live or kidney transplant.

If we also add the tens of thousands of amputations of lower extremities due to diabetes, specifically 73 thousand in 2010 gives us an idea of ​​the suffering of those affected and their families and all this happens in the most powerful country in the world that spends hundreds billions of dollars each year to meet the costs of diabetes … And if you knew that half a soda (not to mention brands) provides you with enough sugar for the whole day) … I leave it to you with your own conclusions.

Moringa against diabetes.

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