B-12 Drops 1200 MCG


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Favoring energy production

Dietary Supplement – 2FL OZ(60m2)


B12 Drops Benefits

1- Favoring natural energy production

2- Increase body strength

3- Benefits the nerves of the body.

4- Energy Boost

5- Decreasing depression and stress.

6- Keeps the cells of our body healthy.

7- Convert carbohydrates into glucose.

8- Regulate the nervous system

9- Maintains the digestive system in optimal conditions.

10- Protects against cardiovascular problems.

11- Improve cholesterol levels.

12- Help’s with the dangers of stroke and high blood pressure.

13- Improves the health of the skin.

14- Improving the appearance of the nails and hair.

15- Help’s in cellular reproduction.

16- Protect’s against different types of cancers.



B12 Drops, The greatest benefit of taking vitamin B12 sublingually or with drops of its liquid form, under the tongue accelerates its absorption into the bloodstream and allows 100 percent absorption.

Taking vitamin B12 sublingually also allows you to retain the density of your nutrients and make them more available to the body. By skipping the digestive system, you can absorb vitamin B12 with all its nutrients intact.

Sublingual vitamin B12 is beneficial for its ability to reduce homocysteine, an amino acid in the blood that is responsible for damaging the arteries and increasing the risk of heart disease.

Vitamin B12 drops directly below the tongue, is a quick stimulus for the brain and to improve memory.

Students use it as an aid in exam times

Sublingual vitamin B12 can reduce the risk of diseases associated with aging, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

A study published in the journal Neurology in 2008 argued that those participants with dementia and Alzheimer’s also had very low levels of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 sublingual or in drops is the fastest way to raise levels of this vitamin in the body.

However, consult your doctor and do not substitute any medication prescribed without first consulting your doctor.

B12 Vitamin

Vitamin B12


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