White Mulberry Leag Blend / WMB

Mulberry  in the  diabetes.  Diabetic Support / WMB

Today we will comment on the Mulberry and its great contribution to the cure of diabetics, in fact this natural remedy is composed of 500mg of mulberry.


Natural remedy marketed by Casovital (Diabetic Support / WMB)


The berries are fruits native to Europe and Asia.

These in addition to having special organoleptic characteristics, their therapeutic properties allow to give different medicinal uses.

The carotenoids it contains are involved in the formation of collagen, red blood cells, etc. It contains vitamin C that helps absorb iron consumed through food.

It is a natural antioxidant, with a high content of vitamins, minerals and anthocyanin, reducing the formation of free radicals and favoring a better cellular metabolism.


Improves the immune system.

Reduces cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood



The mulberry leaf contains many ingredients such as …

Phytosterol that reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood vessels


Quercetin, which helps prevent liver cancer.


Gamma-aminobutyric acid that helps control your blood pressure.


Carotenoids that protect against diseases of the eyes and specific types of cancer.

Flavonoids that have strong antioxidants.

Chlorophyll that helps protect against vascular disease, cleanses the liver and keeps the intestines healthy.

Vitamin A <B!, B2, B6, C and the mulberry leaf also contains high amounts of amino acids, zinc, magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium to improve overall health.

Japan conducted a five-year study that revealed many other preventive benefits of the mulberry leaf.


These include reducing blood pressure, decreasing stress, improving skin, strengthening bone mass, lowering cholesterol, relieving constipation, enriching blood that helps control weight, calms nerves and lowers blood sugar.


This amazing leaf contains 40 times more calcium than cabbage and 25 times more milk. The leaves contain higher amounts of many of the vitamins and minerals than many foods.


Natural remedy marketed by Casovital WMB) .



Consult your doctor, Mulberry can help prevent sugar spikes after meals and reduce insulin secretion.





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