Benefits and properties of Vitamin D

Vitamin D allows the correct absorption of calcium by our bones, and the lack of it can cause us from osteoporosis, muscle pain and even depression and rickets children, therefore, you will understand the importance of this micronutrient.

Vitamin D is stored in the fatty tissue of the body, it is acquired mainly when we expose ourselves to the sun and this happens less and less. In contrast, vitamin D plays a key role in our health.

Benefits of Vitamin D in our Bones and in our Teeth.

  • If you already know that vitamin D allows the correct absorption of calcium from our bones, which means that it maintains the density of osteoporosis. So we must maintain our vitamin D values, especially vitamin D3 at its proper levels and as vitamin D deficient in current diet foods and on the other hand, every time we take less sun, it would not be a bad idea to supplement with Vitamin D.


  • Vitamin D also plays an important role in the Immune System, as important as Vitamin C, it tells us that it defends us from the pathogenic elements that attack us and that both prevents autoimmune diseases.


  • To be well we must have a correct transmission of nerve impulses and this is achieved with a good level of calcium, which in turn is guaranteed by Vitamin D, while nervous impulses are added to the processes of muscle contraction.

Vitamin D has many other properties, aid for the proper functioning of the heart and cardiovascular system.

Vitamin also promotes shorter periods of muscle recovery after an effort, this favors athletes,

Vitamin D is as good as it is bad in excess, which can be soluble in our arteries and cause aneurysms and atherosclerosis. Vitamin D is excellent but not in excess. (1)

It has also been proven that there is a certain relationship between  diabetes and obesity, also with type I diabetes and type II diabetes. The people associated with the previous pathologies (Obesity and diabetes) usually have a lack of Vitamin D.


News about Vitamin D3

In the latest edition of ‘The Cochrane Library’ (2) and dare to say: “Two years ago they published the evidence of the benefit of vitamin D, says Dr. Goran Bjelakovic, a member of the Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Nis (Serbia). “But after this time and with the new studies, we have found results”, says this doctor.

Six researchers from different countries, 50 studies involving a total of more than 94,000 people. Of these, 80% were women with an average age of 74 years, the studies included people who took a supplement of vitamin D, for an average of two years and thus, they discovered that, specifically vitamin D3, reduced mortality of these women by 6%, “explained Bjelakovic. (3)





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