Apple cider vinegar benefits on Diabetes.

The virtues of apple cider vinegar are so many that it would require some time to list them, for example improving the texture and color of the skin. It also promotes a healthy immune system, facilitates digestion and releases toxins from our body.

Apple cider vinegar has an anti-inflammatory effect, helps cure and relieve skin irritations or acne.

It has a diuretic effect and is an ally in weight control.

Effect of apple cider vinegar in diabetes.

Vinegar is anti-glycemic and has effects on the improvement of blood sugar levels.

It is said that it can reduce blood sugar levels by accelerating gastric emptying or by increasing glucose uptake by body tissues.1

One study determined that vinegar improved insulin sensitivity in 19% of individuals with type 2 diabetes and 34% of individuals with pre-diabetes.2


Another study that we offer in the references determined that taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before going to bed reduced blood sugar levels in people with type II diabetes.3



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